Cover Layout - Graphics - and More

These pages are intended to help you to get your work into a published form, whether it be electronic or print format. If you wish to 'do-it-yourself,' the following should help you. If you need help, we will be happy to provide it for what we consider a reasonable fee. If you have questions, need advice on a project, or have a suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

A few of our previous projects, for reference, include: Perhaps we can help you !!

Electronic Publishing

DOING IT YOURSELF - This one is pretty simple to answer. We recommend that you use Adobe Acrobat format. In addition to the existing add-in's for most word processors, there are many products available on the Internet that will help you to finalize an eBook in this format. Just Google 'Adobe' for lots of links!

LET US HELP - We can produce eBooks from your materials in either Acrobat PDF Format or our own, more creative, HTML/Javascript format. After you send us your materials we will work with you to produce a complete final product on CDROM. We can assist with graphics or do them from scratch depending on your need.  Once the final version is ready we will provide 5 completed copies and a full set of master files and label graphics so that you can reproduce your eBook on demand.



Print Publishing

DOING IT YOURSELF - If you are comfortable with adjusting word processing formats and working on-line with documents, etc. - and if you are interested in creating a conventional printed book - then you can probably deal with InstantPublisher directly (See link below). The only thing we ask is that you sign up for your account immediately after using the link below - that way we get credit (and a small stipend of course.) If, after you sign up, you find that you don't wish to do the formatting yourself, or need graphics help, let us know - we will be happy to help.

InstantPublisher is a really great online printing company. Their work is very high quality they are responsive to customers and fast in production and shipping. They are also very, very reasonable in cost for short run printing - even in runs as small as 25 copies! We highly recommend them.

LET US HELP - If you really want to wind up with a printed book but need help getting it done, we can help to make it happen. The steps that need to be taken are as follows:



Other Services - Odds and Ends

We can offer assistance with cover graphics for both print and electronic usage on a full project or single case basis. Just let us know what is needed and we will provide a quotation for the work. The same is true for CD/DVD covers and CD/DVD inserts.

In producing our own publications, we have acquired the ability to provide ISBN's and associated barcodes. If you need the barcode graphics in either label or image formats, we can produce them for you. We can also provide the actual ISBN for you - However, if you want a different publishing company as the official publisher of record, you will have to obtain an ISBN in your company name from R.R. Bowker. See our Fees section for more information.

From time to time we receive requests for help with the conversion of old documents, diaries, etc., to a current format so that the material might be shared or published. We have provided scanning and OCR services, transcription and typing, reformatting of data from older word processors, etc. Each project is generally unique in the service and technology needed. Most are interesting, to say the least. If you need help, please ask. If we cannot help, I would bet we can find someone who can and will!



What about Cost ??

Our fees are based on a rate of $30.00 per hour. While this is not chiseled in stone, it is the basis for most of our quotations. We understand that you do not want to start a project in an open ended fashion, so we will provide you with a quotation for the expected work and also explain what factors might cause that amount to increase or decrease. For instance, scanning, OCR, and typing/transcriptions may be the most difficult to estimate due to the fact that we cannot 'see' the original documents.

There are a few services that carry a flat rate as follows: